Friday, December 18, 2009

Through the rest of my life, do you wait for me there?

This project has totally consumed my brain and my time for the past week...Struggling with some decisions now though. When I started, everything was already pretty much decided - the negatives had already been developed so all I could control was the scanning and processing, and I had no plans or expectations so I guess I was just winging it, and trying to be as faithful as possible to the negative/scan, dust, streaks, and all. Now though, I have four rolls of black and white film that need to be developed and I'd really like that to happen soon....

Originally I was going to develop them myself once I got the equipment and chemistry, but now I'm not so sure. I have all the equipment and could probably get chemistry pretty easily (I have some but most of it is expired), but right now the idea of setting up a space just for these four rolls seems a little excessive and overwhelming. Plus I had planned to use Diafine to develop the film (which somehow works very well with high contrast/over-exposed film, which is common when shooting with a Holga) but I really like the results I've gotten with the film I shot with a Holga and developed in D-76. It's nice to have the highlight details though, and I like the color film converted to black and white, which was slower film and thus has a much greater range of values.

So I'm torn. Part of me thinks I should developed the film in Diafine, so I have the detail if I want it and just do a little more work in Photoshop, but the other part of me really likes to stay true to the negative as much as possible and so I don't want to manipulate the images any more than necessary. Plus it will probably be fast at this point to have someone else develop the film and I really want to keep the momentum going.

Decisions, decisions...

Color film converted to black and white.

Black and white developed in D-76 (I think - I'm pretty sure I only used Diafine on one roll and it wasn't a roll from the island. Can't be sure though, it was a few years ago. One more reason to start keeping notes!)

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