Monday, December 14, 2009

Will the summer make...

I've spent the past three days mostly working on old film shot with a Holga...It took all of Saturday morning just to scan the negatives in. To be honest I had no idea what to expect - I don't have a film scanner, I'm just using a regular flatbed. I knew the images weren't going to be the highest quality, at the time I was just more interested in seeing what I had shot, since most of this film is from a few years ago.

Well somehow these photos have just totally consumed me. I'm not sure exactly why I'm so obsessed, but I've been doing almost nothing else but working on these photos. I'm getting stuck with the color negatives but every attempt gets a little better.

There's a few things I can think of that really draw me to this work - I've been thinking a lot about layers and taking pictures through windows, screens, etc. Also, as always, interested in ideas about looking back, nostalgia, juxtapostion of old and new. I don't know, I feel like there's a lot of thinking to do about these images, and they need more work but I was just so excited about them...Guess I rushed through them a bit.

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